Lawrence ‎ – Dec 12, 2011 RATING 5 OUT OF 5

The Free Installation caught my ear. Heard the ad on the radio so I went down there. The toys threw me off. Kind of looks like they would have cheap stuff. I was a little scared at first but when i talked to the guy there he knew what he was talking about and helped me out. He helped me pick out a DVD player for my car. It took them a little long to install it but they were also kinda busy too. After about an hour half it was done. Looked good!! They showed me how to use it and I was really happy. I will definetly be back to do other stuff. Thanks!!!!

Travis ‎ – Nov 2, 2011 RATING 5 OUT OF 5

Went down to TCA Audio to get a system put in my car. They killed it!!! I been pricing systems around for the past couple weeks. They beat everyones prices and they gave me free installation!!! They are the place to go. They got good friendly service. Didnt have to deal with those salespeople that just try to sell me any kine stuff. That guy DJ asked what kind of stuff I was looking for and put together a system that was perfect. I am used to seeing the kicker and JL stuff but he showed me that there is a lot of other stuff to choose from. Got some Precision Power subs that pound!!! Sounds good. my door speakers are real clear too. I think this was the best car stereo place i went to before. no installation charges too. I couldnt believe it.