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TCA Car Audio is the new audio specialists on the westside!! We have everything for your car audio needs at prices NO ONE CAN BEAT!!!!

TCA Audio and Car Accessories
TCA Audio is home for all your audio installation and audio repair needs. Additionally, we carry a full line of other car accessories and entertainment systems. TCA Car Audio is rapidly becoming the premier supplier of car stereo and car music systems in Hawaii.
Car Sound Systems
Upgrading the car music system is one of the more important upgrades drivers can do. Having superior sound makes the driving experience far more enjoyable. Some may find it easier to replace entire car audio systems all at once, while others prefer to upgrade single components such as car speaker systems, amplifiers (Amp), car MP3/DVD players and/or subwoofers. We offer some of the top brands in the industry including: Clarion, Sony, Jensen, FLI, Precision Power, and Sound Stream. We provide experienced, professional car audio installation. Full System DVD packages start at $399.
Car Audio Speakers
In order to fully enhance the sound in your vehicle, speakers should be upgraded. An aftermarket speaker provides distinct clarity along with detailed and rich sounds that factory speakers simply cannot produce. It’s essential to find speakers matching your car. Whether you are seeking a full audio system or separate components, we can handle your custom car entertainment needs.
Additional Accessories
In addition to enhancing your vehicle’s stereo and speaker system, we also provide other car accessories and equipment. We stock the latest technology in car alarms featuring enhanced car security systems to protect your investment, parking sensors and other related products. We carry iphone and android supported products that synchronize with your alarm and car stereo system. TCA Audio provides expert service and installation for all of your automotive stereo and accessory needs.
Contact TCA Audio
Please give us a call Monday through Saturday at 808-381-2700 to discuss your stereo and installation options or visit our car audio store showroom today. Some restrictions may apply.

TCA Car Audio brings you the best in car audio, car speakers, car amplifiers, car stereos, car dvds, car in dash screens and receivers.